Julia Reviews! ‘The Mystery in the Old Attic’ – Tuesday’s Look at this Book!

Title/Series: The Mystery In The Old Attic/The Boxcar Children
Author: Gertrude Chandler Warner
Year It Was Made: 1997
Publisher: Albert Whitman And Company
Time It Took Me To Read It: 2 Days
Back Of Book: Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny used to live alone in a boxcar. Now they have a home with their grandfather, and they are exploring an old house in Michigan.  When the Aldens arrive at the mansion, they can’t wait to start looking through all the rooms. They find an old diary that tells that a diamond and pearl ring is hidden in the house. The only way to find the ring is to solve the riddle written in the diary. But someone has already found the ring-and sold it! Who could be responsible? The Boxcar Children must find out!!!
My Review: This is such an amazing book! You’ll LOVE it! This is a great classic!!! My teacher read this book when she was little. It was her favorite, and now, it’s mine! (It’ll be yours,too!;)
Best Quote: He had just noticed that the ceiling continued above a wall that did not reach all the way  to the rafters. “There is a room behind that wall!” Benny exclaimed!