It Hit Me!

Today, our youngest was buying a new Peg Kehret book (Terror at the Zoo) and it hit me!  These are the books that she will more than likely have on her shelf when her children begin reading books.

I cherish those childhood books that have made it with me all the way through 40 years of living.  They work as a time machine that nearly effortlessly transports me to my childhood.

Because it has me thinking about it, I decided to sit in our book room this evening and find at least a few of the books that I have brought along into middle age.  Here’s the shortlist:

The Wizard of Oz
Bigfoot Pass
The Time Machine
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Bridge to Terabithia
The Night the Monster Came
The Biggest Bear
The Boy Who Saw Bigfoot
The Large and Growly Bear
Proverbs for Graduates
The Lord Is…
Ship of State on a Sea of Oil
The Jim Thorpe Story
Out of the Silent Planet
The Devil and Daniel Webster
Don’t Check Your Brains at the Door
“Stand Back,” Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!”
Where the Wild Things Are

And that’s not all! There are at least forty titles in the Little Golden Book series and five in the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

I look at all these books and wonder which my grandchildren will implore me to give them. Which will they borrow or sneak away in their backpacks? Which will they carry into their adulthood?

Either way, it’s a list I can’t wait to help them create…

Father Knows Five 4-18-14

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1. There are “Bunnies Galore” in many new children’s books this year!

2.  We received this book for Easter when our middle daughter was born.  It has remained a favorite for many years.


3.  Anytime I can add a book that includes BOTH Charlotte Zolotow and Maurice Sendak, I’m going to do it.  This is a wonderful story:


4.  We read The Golden Egg Book just before bedtime last night.  The very last page and line of this wonderful title in The Little Golden Books Series is worth a million.


5.  Our list of rabbits and children would not be complete without sharing the world of Beatrix Potter.  We have always enjoyed reading these adventures together with the children and love finding just the right voice for such a great variety of characters.  Click on the poster below to go to Beatrix Potter’s wonderful Peter Rabbit website!


‘Frosty the Snow Man’ – Look at this Book!

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Today’s Great Book:  Frosty the Snow Man by Annie North Bedford and illustrated by Corinne Malvern (1972, Little Golden Books)

Time to Read:  short and sweet for bedtime or anytime

Summary:  From…Everyone’s favorite snowman with a magic hat, a button nose, and eyes made out of coal comes to life on Christmas every year.

Best Quote:  “And the magical part was that while they were with Frosty, the children could stay out and play in the snow and never get shivery cold.”

Our View:  There are three things I cherish from my childhood and that my mom treasured for me until I became a father and she handed them all over to me – Star Wars people, Hot Wheels, and Little Golden Books.  Today’s special book comes from that last group and is the original Frosty the Snow Man, the very first version of this story I ever heard as a child.  It was first printed in 1951 and I received this 1972 edition when I was in the first grade and played Frosty in the school Christmas program.  I loved that story and loved that song and always felt some genuine grief when Frosty melted as he said, “I’ll be back again someday.”  I can honestly say that I think in all the years we have built snowmen, I think of this story at least once during their creation!  This book version of the story is great, with a little more information and good illustrations that give you a sense that you are reading something of a true American holiday classic.

Remember to visit our Book Cook page for the recipe – “The Popcorn Man Mix” – created by the kids to accompany this particular book.