Life in a Book Room

Book room cool

CJ and Sibs

My sister and her husband recently created a little book room for their three children. It has all the necessities: lots of books and lots of character and lots of coziness…and of course, children!

In my imagination there are few things that compare to a family book room – a place that just fits a child and their books. It can be nothing more than a tent made from blankets or become as extravagant as a treehouse bunk bed structure built right inside their bedroom.

When our children were smaller, I would often find them sleeping on our book room floor…and covered in books. With the treasure of childlike exuberance and pint-size stature, they reveled in the quiet and the warmth and the smaller space which seemed like a mini-mansion’s library to them. They were home and they were safe and they were reading.

The book room. Whatever it looks like and however expansive it is, a book and a child can make it so.