Food Surrounded by Books


Books and food – in the same place! When my daughters surprised me at the office today with a lunch invitation, I knew there was only one restaurant on their mind…the Garden Cafe inside and surrounded by the two-story high bookcases of Oklahoma City’s Full Circle Bookstore.
Nestled in a corner of 50 Penn Place, this legendary spot is home to all kinds of books and fireplaces and reading chairs…but our reason for being here is the most creative, dreamlike children’s book section we have ever seen. Replete with tall red ladders and two “coves” filled with more childhood to older teen book pages than you can imagine, this is our kind of place!
While I was taking these photos, the sales lady was stocking a shelf nearby and I asked her if it was alright to take a photo. She said of course and told us that many grown-ups now visit this very section and tell her, “My parents used to bring me here all the time when I was little, and it is so good just to see it and be in the middle of it all now as an adult.”
I like that kind of memory created in part by a place filled with books. When my kids come here for a visit 20 years from now (in 2033!), we’ll sit together to enjoy the awesome food, the gourmet gelato…and surround ourselves once again with the sweet smell of books that stretch as far as the eye can see.