Father Knows Five 11-22-13

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This week we want to dedicate the day to one of our favorite children’s authors, Barbara Park (1947-2013), who passed away on November 15.    This wonderful writer’s Junie B. Jones series has been a favorite in our home since all three girls were in Kindergarten.  We have every book and especially enjoyed the audio series of them all, expertly read by actress Lana Quintal.  We had more laughs together as a family over this Junie B. character than I can count.

1.  Here is a tribute to the author: The Washington Post

2.  This is a pic of the famous-at-our-house first audio books of any kind that our girls ever listened to…and had nearly memorized by age 5!  This is such a great audio series.


3.  This was a true favorite (for the kids and the dad):

Junie B Jones

4.  A few years ago we took the girls to see a short play at Full Circle Bookstore that was touring nationally in celebration of the Junie B. books.  It was hysterical!

images (1)

5.  www.juniebjones.com – Here is the fun website and a wonderful biography of the author.