Reading in the In-Between

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Books can fill up the in-between places. And in this busy world, there are so many in-between places.  I have seen the girls take a book with them nearly every time we get in the car. Sometimes, they take two or three – even on a short trip into town! When I asked one of them why, she responded, “You never know what kind of mood you’ll be in so you have to bring a couple along for that just-in-case feeling. And why take just one, when you can take two!”
Good point. We all find ourselves in those in-between places during the day…times when we are stuck in traffic or waiting at the doctor’s office, or taking a car trip across town or across the country.
So however old you are, taking a book along can be just the thing to get you through those in-between places.
And “why take just one when you can take two!”