‘Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend’ – Tuesday’s Look at THIS Book!

* Every Tuesday we introduce you to a favorite book from our secret book room.

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Today’s great book: Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend by Melanie Watt (2007, Kids Can Press)

Great Website: http://www.scaredysquirrel.com/aboutmw.html

Time to Read: short and very funny; we read it right after dinner

Summary:  from the website…”That lovable little worrywart is back. And he’s as scaredy as ever! In his latest adventure, Scaredy Squirrel sets out to make The Perfect Friend. And once he’s spotted a perfectly safe candidate (with no teeth), Scaredy’s ready. Armed with a name tag, mittens, a mirror and a lemon, he’s prepared to make The Perfect First Impression. But just when every detail is under control, Scaredy’s Action Plan takes a surprising — and “toothy” — turn. Will he survive this ordeal? Will he find his kindred spirit? Will he discover the true meaning of friendship? Read Scaredy’s nutty story to find out…

Best Quote from the Book:  “If all else fails, play dead…”

Our View:  Among the great 1st grade teachers of the century is Kathleen Brannen.  She has been our friend since Claire was in her class nearly a decade ago and she has shared so many good books and ideas with us – and the Scaredy Squirrel series of short books are among our newest favorite!   This is the story of one scared squirrel who has learned to handle his fear by simply having a plan.  The plans are hilarious and they are drawn in map form in detail on the pages of this wonderful story.  Watt is not only a fine storyteller but a master illustrator for young children and their dads, and this book is a treat in every way.  If your children have any fears, we happily recommend this book because it helps the reader understand courage and making a plan.  When the plans don’t always work out as expected, Scaredy Squirrel does a super job of rolling with the punches (in this case, energetic dogs in parks).  I only wish I had heard about this series sooner.

Favorite Illustration from the Book:

Scaredy 2

Look at this Book! Goodnight iPad

* Every Tuesday we introduce you to a favorite book from our secret book room, and give you a unique “recipe for fun” this week over on our Book Cook page…

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Today’s great bookGoodnight iPad:  A Parody for the Next Generation by Ann Droyd (2011, Penguin Group).

Time to Read: short and funny and true

Summary:  from the back cover, “In the bright buzzing room…it is time to power down.  For parents and children alike, here is a modern bedtime story about bidding our gadgets goodnight.  Don’t worry, though.  They’ll be waiting for us, fully charged, in the morning.”

Best Quote:  “Goodnight remotes and Netflix streams, Androids, apps, and glowing screens.  Goodnight plugs and power lights that guide us to pee in the darkness of night.”

Our View:  What a funny parody of the classic children’s work, Goodnight Moon.  My oldest gave this one to me for my birthday last week and we have enjoyed reading it every night since!  I think my favorite thing about this book is how well it captures life a decade into the 21st century.  Who knows what future technological invention is poised on the horizon, so this book will be a treasure to me another 20 years from now when I read it to my grandchildren and reminisce about the birth of apps and streaming movies and nooks and e-books and LOL and MP3 and HDTV and 3-D glasses and viral clips and tweets and texts.  The illustrations are pitch perfect and the rhymes are smooth as butter.  One great book for dads everywhere!

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