Like There’s No Tomorrow


What a word – enrichment. Though it may sound very schoolish and exclusive to the 21st century parent (or just an ingredient in a loaf of bread), it really is much more.

To enrich something is to make it fuller, richer, more meaningful and more rewarding.

Enrichment…enrichment. What to do with that word?

Here at the end of another great semester in the education department at our local college, I’ve once again had the privilege of teaching and getting to know some of the most creative and devoted future teachers in the field. It’s really amazing to me, but there always seems to be one conversation that we have as a class that I will never forget. And in this particular semester’s conversation, enrichment was the topic.

We talked about these great early childhood classrooms and how to fill them with meaning, make them richer and interesting and even, dare I say it, fascinating – for both student AND teacher. And what we were talking about was, that’s right, enriching them!

As a group of people who one day hope to teach in the classrooms of children, we decided on a new goal: when we get out there and are assigned our first classroom and we host our first parents night, we want a parent to turn to the other parent and say, “Hey, I didn’t know our kid was gifted and in the enrichment program!” The other parent will then respond, “That wasn’t the gifted program or his enrichment teacher, that was just the everyday classroom and his very own teacher!”

That’s it: our dream. We teach every child as a gifted child. We take every day with these students and we seize it like there’s no tomorrow.

Richer…fuller…more meaningful.

So whether it’s with the students in your classroom or among the family sitting around your kitchen table; your marriage or your reading choices; your sports teams or your parenting style; the way you fish or the places you travel; how you think or what you say; who makes you laugh or what makes you think – enrich it.