Inconsiderate Beasts


Our 14-year old and her friend Britni were talking in the backseat of our car the other night. We were on our way to eat pizza and the conversation between them was lively and loud and funny, especially after it turned to the subject of “inconsiderate beasts.”

You read that right…inconsiderate beasts. What a phrase! I loved it from the moment Britni told us its meaning. She said that anytime she encounters a particularly rude person she thinks of them as “inconsiderate beasts.”

When she said those words together it immediately struck me as interesting and one of the best phrases I’ve heard that describes, well, inconsiderate beasts…these people with whom we work and play that have no consideration for anyone but themselves.

It reminds me of how important it is to make our home a “No Inconsiderate Beasts Allowed” kind of home. Everything we say and do has consequences among the people who live under our roof.

Where there is grace and patience and kindness and care and help and a humble respect, there are no inconsiderate beasts.

It is a place where home can be a refuge.

It is a place where home can be a home.

It is a place where there are no “inconsiderate beasts.”