‘What Elephant?’ – Look at this Book!

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Today’s great book:  What Elephant? by Geneviève Côté (2006, Kids Can Press)

Time to Read: short and sweet; another great bedtime or anytime story

Summary:  from the back cover…”Elephant?  What elephant?  No one dares to say a single word about the large houseguest sunbathing in George’s garden – despite the overpowering scent of coconut oil.  Surely, surely that isn’t an elephant lounging among the roses…Or is it?”  An “absurd and whimsical tale of an elephant that is seen…but not necessarily believed!”

Best Quote:  “I should have believed you from the start.”

Our View:  Our middle daughter has always collected elephants and so this particular book was a gift in that regard.  We read it among the sisters just last night as we were tucking in for bed and we really enjoyed the whole “elephant in the room” idea behind this wonderfully gentle tale. My eight-year old’s favorite part was near the end when the main character, George, has tried so hard to keep his elephant a secret (because people were thinking he might be crazy if he did indeed see what he originally told everyone he saw) and is suddenly face-to-face with his friends, who have come over to play in his backyard.  Since the elephant is truly there, it is up to each friend to decide whether he or she will admit that they do see it.  A wonderful conversation and apology ensues.  The illustrations are absolutely beautiful in this book…and just may have you wanting your very own secret elephant!

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