Father Knows Five 1-31-14

*Every Friday we serve you an “a la carte” style list of 5 unique videos, articles, ideas, etc. from all kinds of locations. (If you are viewing this blog through your email subscription, please follow the link to our website to view all videos.)  See you next week…

1.  Melissa Gilbert and Children’s Books – what a great interview from the star of the television series ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ and her life as a children’s author!


2. Best children’s books for money lesson – a great list that includes everyone from Beverly Cleary to Dolly Parton to Fancy Nancy!

3.  Herve Tullet:  The Illustrated Interview – among the great children’s authors and illustrators of the day!  Press Here is one of the most creative and enjoyable books on the shelf today.

4.  A Children’s Book Theme Park – booking our flight to Sheboygan, Wisconsin now!


5.  Dads and Teachers:  See this great board full of children’s books about Science!