Claire Reviews! – ‘Chocolate Chippo Hippo’ – Tuesday’s Look at THIS Book


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Today’s great book: Chocolate Chippo Hippo written by Vincent Andriani (1994, Scholastic)

Time to Read: about 45 seconds, laughter goes on for at least another 10!

Best Quote from the Book:  “Crunch Crunch”

Our View:  Chocolate Chippo Hippo captures the true essence of a children’s book.  This short, but very sweet, story tells of Ed the Hippo.  He loves, loves, loves to eat chocolate chip cookies.  He loves them so much that he has a pair of chocolate chip cookie sunglasses, a chocolate chip cookies suit, and even works in a factory where he gets to bake them every day!  He then goes home where he eats more cookies and goes to sleep, only to dream about them more.  So what makes this story so intriguing to me and my little sister, you ask?  The only true explanation I can think of is simply because it is so silly that it is just laugh-out-loud funny!  To tell you the truth, we read this book nearly every night.  I really couldn’t tell you why, other than I guess it is just one of those books that magically puts a smile on your face from the moment you pick it up.  I definitely recommend this book to everyone – for it is one book that will put you in the greatest of moods (and maybe even leave you craving a chocolate chip cookie!).


‘Gingerbread Baby’ – Look at this Book!

* Every Tuesday we introduce you to a favorite book from our secret book room, and give you a unique “recipe for fun” this week over on our Book Cook page.  To celebrate the holiday season, we are reviewing a great Christmas book every Tuesday this month!

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Today’s great book:  Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett (1999, Scholastic)

The Author’s Website:

Time to Read:  short and sweet; great for naptime or anytime

Summary:  from the publisher…”A young boy and his mother bake a gingerbread baby that escapes from their oven and leads a crowd on a chase similar to the one in the familiar tale of the not-so-clever gingerbread man.”

Best Quote:  “They measured and mixed.  Matti rolled the dough into the shape of a gingerbread boy and they popped him in the oven.  Bake a full eight minutes.  No more.  No less.  DO NOT peek, the recipe read.”

Our View:  If you are at all familiar with the wonderful variety of Jan Brett’s masterful children’s books, you know that one of the most special aspects of her books are the intricately detailed artwork that frames each and every page of her stories.  In this particular work, the Gingerbread Boy actually ends up in a surprising place as he is chased through the forest by a wonderful group of interesting characters.  This is a story that nearly tells itself through the illustrations and is great fun to read with your children.

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