Just Like That…

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We spent some time with my grandmother this past week.  Our 9-year old also spent some time writing her first book.  It is a creative and very mysterious story she has titled “The Unplayed Piano.”

For the past couple of years, there are really just two types of books that our daughter loves to read most – poetry and mysteries.  As she completes a chapter of this story she is writing right now, she reads it to her mother and sister and me after dinner and makes changes here and there as she reads it.  There are elements of humor and anxiety and excitement, but they all revolve around the sound of this mysterious piano music that only certain people in this family’s house are able to hear.  We don’t yet know how it will end, but the suspense is killing us!

Here is what I wanted to share with you about my grandmother and my 9-year old and this story.  I was in the kitchen working on a puzzle with my grandfather last evening when I heard the following conversation in the other room.  It went like this:

Grandmother:  “Honey, I have been meaning to ask you all week…how is your book coming along?  I was just thinking that when we finish dinner, you and I should sit together so you can read more of it to me.   I want to hear what happens with that piano.”

Julia:  “Really?”

Grandmother:  “Yes, I can’t wait.”

Julia:  “Then I can’t wait to read it to you.”

Just like that, no more than a 30 second conversation and a little girl is so encouraged, so surprised, and so happy.  And just like that, a little girl becomes an author.

‘Pierre: A Cautionary Tale’ – Look at this Book!

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Today’s great book:  Pierre:  A Cautionary Tale in Five Chapters and a Prologue by Maurice Sendak (1962, HarperCollins)

Time to Read: short and funny; bedtime or anytime

Summary: from www.goodreads.com…Pierre’s ‘I don’t care!’ intrigues a hungry lion. ‘A story with a moral air about Pierre, who learned to care.’

Best Quote: “I don’t care,” said Pierre.

Our View: The moment you start reading this book you are going to love every word and idea of it.  The rhyming rhythm makes it so easy and accessible for a read-aloud and the several characters (mother, father, doctor, son, lion) are so much to read in different voices.  This is a favorite at our house.  Our youngest found it in a box of books for sale at a local church bazaar and we bought for a quarter.  I’ll never forget her reading it to us from the backseat of the car on the way home that day.  We laughed and were so surprised by this little book with the big heart.  We learned one thing – it pays to care!

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