Father Knows Five 4-18-14

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1. There are “Bunnies Galore” in many new children’s books this year!

2.  We received this book for Easter when our middle daughter was born.  It has remained a favorite for many years.


3.  Anytime I can add a book that includes BOTH Charlotte Zolotow and Maurice Sendak, I’m going to do it.  This is a wonderful story:


4.  We read The Golden Egg Book just before bedtime last night.  The very last page and line of this wonderful title in The Little Golden Books Series is worth a million.


5.  Our list of rabbits and children would not be complete without sharing the world of Beatrix Potter.  We have always enjoyed reading these adventures together with the children and love finding just the right voice for such a great variety of characters.  Click on the poster below to go to Beatrix Potter’s wonderful Peter Rabbit website!


Home at Last


The other night we were sitting together in our daughters bedroom with them just before bedtime. We read an old familiar classic, Home for A Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown with illustrations by Garth Williams. It’s as kindhearted a book in both words and illustrations as I have ever read to the kids and it gives me a great opportunity to try out my animal voices – from singing baby birds to a grumpy old frog – in the narration.

It is an easy read, lasts only a few minutes, and it’s large in size for my end-of-the-day-40-something year old tired eyes.

As a matter of fact we were all tired that night. Little stresses had hounded each one of us throughout that particular day and so the atmosphere of the room was weary and anxious and impatient…until we began to read. A page in, the harshness of the world thawed a bit and we began to feel closer to home and each other once again.

Books as medicine for the soul, you say? Good point. Maybe so. It sure worked for that bunny.