Claire Writes! – ‘Baby Frederico and the New Teacher’

One day Baby Frederico’s Papa Frita decided to become a first grade teacher. Baby Frederico was very excited for this. Mostly because he was a first grader himself and he couldn’t wait to have his very own Papa as his teacher!

One night, Papa Frita was showing Mama Mia pictures of his brand new classroom. He said, “I am so excited! It’s like my own special world!” Baby Frederico smiled to himself. He couldn’t wait to be a part of this new special world!

The next day, one of Mama Mia’s friends, Mrs.B the Bee, who also used to be a first grade teacher, buzzed on over and told the family they could come shop for school things in her attic. Baby Frederico couldn’t wait! He was going to get to help pick out everything that would be in his classroom!

Shortly after, Mama, Papa, and Baby all went over to Mrs.B’s hive. As they made the long trek up the stairs to the attic, Baby Frederico’s anticipation grew. He was just so excited! When Mrs.B opened the attic door, Baby Frederico could not believe his eyes. There was every sort of game, book, and Velcro that you could ever imagine! And yes, I did say Velcro! There was even a whole tub of Velcro just sitting there waiting for them! There was EVERYTHING!

After the family cleared out the attic and thanked Mrs.B, they all went home and opened up the boxes.

As Baby Frederico dug through a box, he told his Papa, ” Papa, I am so happy you get to be my teacher this year! It’s gonna be the bestest year ever!”

Mama Mia and Papa Frita exchanged a confused glance.

“What do you mean Baby? Don’t you remember?” Said Mama Mia.

Baby Frederico also made a confused look, “Remember what?”

Papa Frita sighed, “Baby Frederico, you’ve already been a first grader.”

Baby Frederico laughed, “Yes! I know THAT! I AM a first grader!”

Papa Frita sighed again, “No, Baby. You WERE a first grader. Now you’re a second grader. I’m sorry. That’s just how it works!”

All of a sudden, Baby Frederico felt tears well up in his little iguana eyes.

“But Papa, ” he cried, “I thought I was going to spend every day with you!”

Papa Frita gave him a big papa iguana hug and said, “Oh my silly little iguana, I will get to spend every day with you! I might be a first grade teacher, but I’ll be a first grade teacher at your school!”

Baby Frederico sat up with surprise. He didn’t even think about that!

He smiled, “Ya’ know what Papa? I love that you’re a teacher, but I REALLY love that you’re my Papa.”


‘Friendship’ – Thursday Stories with Baby Frederico

Baby Frederico sat quietly on the back row nearest the exit. It was his first official day at camp and he was worried. Every other camper in the room seemed to have a thousand friends, and he had not even one.

Camp was not something he had wanted to do, but Mama had insisted on it. “Just try it,” she said. “If you go this one time and don’t enjoy it, you don’t ever have to go again.”

And now, here he was. Alone. Friendless. Homesick. Hungry. Sleepy. Grumpy. “Hey,” he said to himself. “I sound like I’m becoming all those dwarfs in Snow White!”

Before he could stop himself, he laughed…out loud. He was immediately embarrassed and his face turned from green to red in a moment. It was just then that he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“What’s funny?” said an iguana who was just a little taller and darker in color and sitting in the chair to Baby Frederico’s left.

“Oh nothing. Nothing at all. I was just thinking.” Baby Frederico couldn’t believe he had actually laughed out loud. He was embarrassed all over again.

“Anytime someone can think something so funny that it makes him laugh out loud, especially at camp, that’s a good thing. My name’s Rob.”

With that, Baby Frederico suddenly, without a bit of warning and simply because he accidentally laughed out loud, had a friend. Just one friend, that’s all it took. Just one.

Camp might not be so bad after all.


Claire Writes – ‘Baby Frederico in One Sentence’

My dad challenged me to write a story in one long run-on sentence. I took the challenge!

Baby Frederico loves to eat brownies but he also likes to eat candy and pretzels, so here is the story that Baby Frederico once made brownies because he loved them but he also wanted pretzels and then he saw candy so he wanted that too but he remembered that his Mama Mia had told him, ” You can only eat brownies Baby Frederico!” so he thought and he thought and he thought until he said,”I know what to do!” so he baked his brownies and waited for them to be done with great anticipation and when they were done, he took out his favorite candies and pulled out the pretzels, and covered the brownies with every bit of them and then called his Mama to come and see and she could not believe her eyes and for a speechless moment Baby Frederico was almost afraid that his Mama would get onto him but soon a big, huge smile spread across her face and she said, “Let’s eat!”, and so they ate happily ever after.


‘Baby Frederico and the Lemonade Stand’

Baby Frederico loved the summertime that was now winding its way through the forest paths and shining brightly across the grassy hills around his home.  It was not yet too hot and, with school out for the season, he could sleep in late and go to bed even later.

One morning, he woke up with lemonade on his mind.  He had dreamed about the delicious treat sometime in the night and the memory of it was now so real that his eyes watered just thinking about the sugary, sour taste of it.

At breakfast, he decided to ask Papa and Mama about opening his very own lemonade stand.  He just knew that if he could set it up at the end of their driveway, he would probably make a million dollars!

There was just one problem with his plan – they lived in the country and, other than his grandparents who lived down the road, there was not one other neighbor or passerby for miles around.  This meant only one thing, to make a million dollars, his grandparents would have to buy an awful lot of lemonade!

Papa and Mama said of the dilemma, “You never know until you try.  And, who knows?  Maybe your grandparents are really thirsty this summer!”

Baby Frederico quickly went to work and painted a large wooden sign with big yellow letters that read “lemonade” and drew a large blue straw that stuck out of the letter “o.” He wanted to charge $10 per drink, but his Papa said that was something called “highway robbery” so Baby Frederico chose 50 cents instead.

At 9 a.m. sharp, Baby Frederico opened for business at the end of his driveway and waited for his first thirsty customer.  He waited…and waited…and waited.  At 9:15, he had nearly given up.  Surely there was someone out there who loved lemonade and had two quarters to spare.  Surely there was a very thirsty person out there who just needed a good cold drink on a hot summer day.  Surely!

By 9:30 a.m., Baby Frederico was thirsty.  He looked at the lemonade.

By 10 a.m., Baby Frederico was not thirsty.  He drank nearly all of the lemonade. Uh oh!

At 10:15 a.m., Baby Frederico’s grandpa walked over with a very thirsty look on his face.

He said, “Hello my boy! How about your biggest cup of ice cold lemonade?  I’m SO thirsty and I have money to spend!”

Baby Frederico looked at the nearly empty pitcher of lemonade and began to pour. Thankfully, there was just enough to fill up the one unused cup that was still sitting on the table.

Grandpa smiled as he handed Baby Frederico a crisp $2 bill and said, “Keep the change.”

Baby Frederico was so excited.  He had finally sold his first (and last) cup of lemonade, all before 10:30 a.m.!  He even had a brand new $2 bill and all the lemonade was gone.  He smiled when he realized he drank nearly all of it himself, but he laughed when he realized that he had just enough left to put a smile on his one customer’s face.


Julia Writes! – ‘Baby Frederico’s Mystery Part 2’

Baby Frederico looked all over the house for his bear picture. It was not in the bedroom, it was not in the closet, and it was not in the den. Where else could it be? he wondered. Suddenly, an idea came to him. The attic! So, he went up to the attic.

“Picture, come out, come out, wherever you are!” he said.

Suddenly, Baby Frederico saw something brown run across the room.

“My drawing of the bear! There he goes,” thought Baby Frederico.

And then he had an idea! He went downstairs to get his dry erase marker and a box.

He ran back upstairs, snuck up behind the bear and quickly covered it with the box. In a flash, he took the lid off the marker, stuck it under the box, and opened it.

Suddenly, the little drawn bear was sucked up into the marker. Baby Frederico closed the lid really fast.

“I did it,” he said triumphantly!

Baby Frederico thought for a moment about the magic of it all.

He said to himself, “What can I draw next?” Oh my!



Julia Writes! – ‘Baby Frederico’s Mystery Part 1’

One day, Baby Frederico was up in the attic with his parents. They were cleaning it out. Mama Mia thought it was too messy up there!

Baby Frederico found lots of AMAZING things!!! There were full buckets of Hot Wheels, a little play kitchen, and a drum set! But his most favorite thing was a big, half chalk board, half dry erase board. He spent almost all day drawing on that board. He didn’t even go to his friend’s house.

A few days later, he asked his Papa Frita what he should draw on the board.

“You should draw a bear,” he said.

“OK,” said Baby Frederico.

As his father left for work, he started to draw. About a half an hour later, he was finished. My masterpiece, he thought to himself.

An hour later, he came back. I bet you’ll never guess what he saw. His picture was gone!!!  No one else was home, so no one could have erased it. It’s not like my picture just got up and ran away…. or did it!


‘What’s In A Name?’ – Thursday Stories with Baby Frederico!

Baby Frederico and his Papa loved to play board games. After dinner, they would often choose a game from the loft in Papa’s room and sit in the living room to play. Papa would turn on some of his favorite music while Baby Frederico carefully chose a game board and placed its colorful pieces on their appropriate places.

After a short and funny game of Rush Hour, Papa surprised Baby Frederico with a game that he had first learned to play when he was small. It was called ‘Big Boggle’ and included a large clear box with little squares at its base that included white cubes covered with letters of the alphabet. Papa said it was a game to find as many words within those cubes before the time ran out (it reminded Baby Frederico of an old-fashioned version of Words with Friends!).

As they played, Baby Frederico had an idea of his own. He began to wonder how many words he could make from his own name:


How many can you find?