Great Movies Among Dad & Daughters


1.  Great Expectations (1946) – John Mills

2. Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) – Esther Williams and Victor Mature

3. The Invisible Man (1933) – Claude Rains and Gloria Stuart

4. The FBI Story (1959) – Jimmy Stewart

5. The Sons of Katy Elder (1965) – John Wayne and Dean Martin

6. It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963) – Elvis

7. Beauty and the Beast (1946) -our first foreign language film; in French!

8. Swing Time (1936)- Fred Astaire takes up dance lessons with Ginger Rogers…pretty amazing stuff to watch!

9. Royal Wedding (1951) – again, Fred Astaire! This time, on a cruise boat on stormy seas with Jane Powell, he dances with a coat rack and gym equipment before dancing on a ceiling!  This is pure magic.

10.  The Story of Alexander Graham Bell (1939) – with Don Ameche as Bell and Henry Fonda as Watson.  We had no idea WHY Bell was so passionate about his invention!  You won’t believe it.

11.  Brigadoon (1954) – Gene Kelly is on a hunting trip through the Scottish highlands when he and his buddy (Van Johnson) happen upon the hidden and mysterious village of Brigadoon.  My daughters loved this movie and moved it to the top of their list of musicals (and in our house that is a big deal, I assure you!).

12.  The Belle of New York (1952) – Yes, the girls are on a Fred Astaire “kick” right now and this movie did not disappoint.  Great music and truly amazing dance numbers.  i noticed, too, that the humor in this one really stands out and kept me laughing.  The Currier and Ives” montage alone is pretty amazing.

13. Up In Arms (

14. Three Daughters

15. Kiss Me Kate

16. Good Morning, Miss Dove

17. Thief of Baghdad

18. Stanley and Livingstone – Spencer Tracy stars!

19. Bells are Ringing – Dean Martin stars!

20. Cinderfella – Jerry Lewis stars!

21. The Glass Slipper

22. Godzilla, King of the Monsters


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