Father Knows Five 9-20-13

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1.  I am a fan of movie previews.  I don’t like to be late to a movie, just so I can see the previews!  They are mini-blockbusters in themselves and there have been many that have been much better than the actual movie they were clipped from.  So why not book previews?!  Here’s one to watch for a book that my older daughter has been reading and telling me about – very cool and very creepy.

2.  A Mirror Spider – Speaking of cool and creepy…wow!  This should make every kid want to study biology in the real world.  Who knew there were so many interesting things waiting out there:  


3.  A post on Twitter (@ofabookworm) this week that is worth repeating – “I’d just like to fast-forward through the rest of my day and get to the part where I am at the bookstore.”

4.  ABC’s – Take a look at this fun ABC photo gallery with your kids.


5.  Play-Doh – We love this stuff and here are more reasons to make sure you have it in your home!


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