Look at this Book! Ghost Horse

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Ghost Horse Cover

Today’s great book: Ghost Horse by George Edward Stanley with illustrations by Ann Barrow (2000, Random House).

Time to Read: a chapter book; 69 pages; 2-3 evenings.

Summary:  from the back cover…”Emily Clark just moved.  She doesn’t like her new  house.  She doesn’t like her new town.  Then one night she wakes up to find a horse in her backyard – a ghost horse!    Where did he come from?  And why is he haunting Emily’s backyard?  Only by solving the mystery can Emily set the ghost horse free.

Best Quote: “Emily wished the ghost horse could talk.  Why had he come to her?  The ghost horse knelt down on his front legs.”

Our View: First, the illustrations in this book are so life-like.  They are drawn in pencil and really jump off the page as you encounter each one among the chapters.   The story itself is great.  We love mysteries and this book keeps you guessing from start to finish.  It isn’t really scary, but there is a descriptive walk as Emily is led through a cemetery by the ghost horse.  The horse is indeed a ghost and has a good reason for seeking out Emily, who has always wanted a horse.

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