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Today’s great book: Bully by Laura Vaccaro Seeger (2013, Roaring Brook Press).
Time to Read: short and just right for both the bully and the bullied
Summary: A small bull is bullied, which leads him to become a big bully himself. When a billy goat stands up for his friends who are being bullied by him, the bully quickly realizes how mean he has become and changes his ways.
Best Quote: “Wanna play?”

Our View: The single most surprising thing about this book is its perspective. It reads just enough through the eyes of a bully – both when the book starts and he becomes a bully and then when he is called a bully. This is powerful, relevant stuff for the life of children. It also helped me see the importance of defining the term bully for children everywhere. When a bully actually understands what it means to be called a bully, change just might come after all. The words and illustrations are sparse, making this book all that more powerful and helpful to young eyes and ears, and just right for this big issue. This is the kind of book that will be a lifesaver in your classroom or your home.

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