Thursday Stories with Baby Frederico!


  Thursdays are going to be our family’s new favorite day! Here’s why: we get to introduce to the world the life and accomplishments, disappointments, disasters, funny stories, bullies, homework, learning new things, fears, music, books, school-day scandals, summer vacation hot spots, hair-raising adventures, and the multicultural home life of this family’s favorite action hero – Baby Frederico.  What’s that? You haven’t heard of him? Well, that is all about to change my friend. In book years he is nearly 17, but in our stories he remains forever young.  To commemorate this very first Thursday blog about him, why don’t you sit back and relax while we tell you how he came to be. Then check back most Thursday nights for full blown short and sweet stories (or games or quotes or jokes) to share with your kids from…”Thursday Stories with Baby Frederico!”

It all began in our imagination while our young family waited impatiently for a table at El Chico, a landmark Mexican food restaurant that existed along Broadway in our town for many years. We were sitting in the crowded waiting area as our toddler neared the throw-a-fit stage when I noticed a large clay pot with a clay iguana resting along its base. He looked like the perfect distraction so I scooped up my frustrated daughter and said, “Have I ever told you about…,” and the adventure began. We decided that Baby Frederico’s mother, Momma Mia, was of Italian descent and his father, Papá Frita, hailed from Mexico. His friends included the very musical girl grasshopper, Grenelda, and crayons were among his most prized possession.

I’m not sure how long we waited for that table at the crowded restaurant, but it was worth it because our daughter was hooked on hearing about Baby Frederico from that moment on. Her sisters soon felt the same way. Today, we know his stories well and even take him along on family trips and snap photos of his mini-adventures when he least expects it.
As his stories and life unfold here in the coming Thursdays, we hope you and your kids enjoy him as much as we do.