‘The Mountain’ – Thursday stories with Baby Frederico

*Every Thursday we introduce you to another quick bedtime story about our family’s favorite resident reptile – Baby Frederico. The backstory can be found here. Enjoy!

BF Mountain 3

Baby Frederico loves his Momma Mia and Papá Frita, blue crayons, popcorn…and cinnamon suckers; but he did not like to stop and wait. Here is his story:

The top of the mountain was finally coming in to view. Just a few more steps to go. Baby Frederico had started this day of climbing with his family in the happiest of moods, all smiles and bright eyes and adventurous attitude and energy to burn. He wore his toughest hiking boots and carried a big green backpack full of everything a great climber might need – graham crackers and marshmallows, a box of Battlestar Galactica band-aids, marbles, a compass, a map of caves, a camera, three rocks, his papá’s old Spider-Man comic book, an assortment of his favorite blue crayons, and six cinnamon suckers. It was the perfect day for Baby Frederico.

Or so he thought. His family – which on this trip included his parents and his grandma and grandpa – was just too slow. It took them forever to drive to the mountain; nearly a hundred years for them to get out of the car and put their sunscreen on; and a million hours to check to be sure their shoelaces were tied and their water bottles were full. He did not like to stop and wait…and he began to get mad.

“Are we ever going to start climbing up this mountain? Why is everyone so slow? Let’s go!!!” Baby Frederico started up the path by himself, not looking back to see if his words had any effect on the rest of the family.

And now, here he was, climbing over rocks and jumping across creeks on his very own mountain. He looked back to see where his slower-than-slow family was on the path. Nothing – no one anywhere. Baby Frederico stopped. “Where are they now?”, he wondered. He listened for a moment and thought he heard something, but he was mad, so mad that he wasn’t paying attention to his next step.

With a slip, a slide, and a whimpered, “Oh no!,” Baby Frederico found himself at the bottom of a small hole in a large rock. It wasn’t really a hole, more like a deep indention in the massive chunk of earth that he was trying to climb over. Still, it was large and smooth enough that he couldn’t climb out by himself. The top of his head peeked above the rim of the hole, but his arms and legs were just too short to pull himself up and over for a quick escape. He was stuck as stuck could be. He had no choice but to…stop and wait.

BF Mountain 2

And that’s when he heard something that he had not ever heard before. It must have been there all along, but it was far enough away that its sounds echoed more clearly in the hole. But what was it and where was it coming from?

Baby Frederico wasn’t sure if he should hope or worry that whatever it was would come closer. For now, all he could do was stop and wait…and listen.

(To be continued next week!)

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