Father Knows Five 8-9-13

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1. Lego Librarian – this is something to see. Buy one as soon as you can! To see her counterpart, go to http://www.mcphee.com/laf/

Lego librarian

2. Famous Authors as Young Adults – our oldest is just days away from moving into her new life as a college student. This post is in honor of a tremendous moment in the lives of her and her great friends, a time for them when the sky is the limit and nothing seems impossible.

C.S.Lewis – CS Lewis Young Adult

3. Man of Steel – you saw the movie, now what can you do until the next one? Read, read, read!!!

Superman Post

4. “Like translating a book from one language into another,” accomplished illustrator and author Brian Selznick explains the interesting transformation of one of our favorite books, The Invention of Huge Cabret, from a book of pages and illustrations into a book of spoken words and sounds. Here’s the video interview:

5. Earth Photo – “Ever wonder what it would be like to live on some isolated island, far from everything else? You already do!”

Think out loud here