Be THAT Teacher

I will begin my first year as a first grade teacher on August 19.  I’ll share the story of how and why, in my mid-forties, I made it to this moment in the coming days, but for now I wanted to share a thought and video from our 19-year old daughter.  She said, “Dad, watch this video and be that teacher.”

2 thoughts on “Be THAT Teacher

  1. What a wonderful way to start the day and the perfect way to begin a career that will, I know, change the lives of so many young people. Thank you for sharing this inspiration. I feel like you’ve come home to the path you were born to follow and I can’t wait to follow your teaching career. Good luck my friend!

    • Thank you! You are “that teacher” in so many of our lives. You were the professor who made all the difference to so many of us and we are forever grateful. Your inspiration will be at the forefront of my thoughts every day I am in that classroom.

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