‘The Old Red Truck’ Thursday Stories with Baby Frederico


The old red truck stopped just beyond the mailbox that sat precariously atop the white post at the end of the Frederico’s long driveway. The large snowflakes that had only been falling from the sparkling gray sky for a short time now covered the vehicle’s rusty, faded hood and was gradually transforming the surrounding countryside into a deep, frosted world.The driver was restless and idled the truck as it popped and sputtered a hazy exhaust onto the spongy road.

Baby Frederico had been daydreaming in his bedroom when he thought he heard the noisy vehicle settle somewhere outside the house. He looked through the mist-covered windowpane and caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a giant box with a large pyramid strapped to it launching itself onto the road outside. There was a twinkle of brightly colored lights that seemed to hover around it, and then just as suddenly everything was quiet and gray once again.

Baby Frederico was confused. It wasn’t often that a large something landed outside his window like a rocketship and mysterious lights whirled near his mailbox. He knew only one thing for certain – it was time to investigate.

As he stepped out the front door and onto the porch, Baby Frederico was struck by the frigid wind that whipped all around him.  A flurry of cotton-white snow swirled across his boots as he slowly stepped into its deepening blanket.  He peered out and across the lawn and beyond the white picket fence that stood at attention near the roadside to the place where the sputtering sounds and mysterious light display had first caught his attention.

And there the object of his intrigue sat – an old red truck with an even older driver whose arm was draped around something resembling a black bear sitting in the passenger seat next to him.  As Baby Frederico took a few steps closer, he was better able to distinguish the details of these mysterious visitors – there was a large black dog (not a bear after all) wearing a bright red collar and his owner was wearing a brown baseball cap, blue overalls, and a shirt that perfectly matched the dog’s collar.

Baby Frederico moved closer and realized that the little truck was also carrying something in its bed.  It looked a bit like a tree, but the snow was blowing across the road again with such force that he could only guess at what it might really be.

What happened next can only be described as extraordinary.  As Baby Frederico recounted the incident in the days to come, his friends and his family could only marvel that it had all happened so close to home…and among them.

More to come next Thursday!  Merry Christmas to you.

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