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Greyson Moore 1

I am so glad we were invited to a family birthday party for Greyson Moore. He’s a little boy who just turned one year old. Full of energy and curiosity and happy with the kind of smile that makes you somehow feel better about life in general, we really enjoyed this party.

As his mom and dad set the many presents around him at the center of the living room floor, we all gathered to watch him enjoy this “toy extravaganza” rite of passage. What happened next though really surprised me.  His mother could barely get him to unwrap the gifts because he was so intrigued with each of the birthday cards!

What surprises me is that I was actually one of the adults who had suggested that buying a birthday card for a one-year old is surely nothing more than a Hallmark scheme.  I was wrong and I was intrigued to see this little boy so entranced with holding these cards in his hands just like he was holding a book, and acting as though he was reading them.

Here’s what I’m thinking – Greyson has a family who not only reads to him but reads to themselves.  He is watching and learning how to hold a book, how to look at a book, and eventually he will find that reading a book is as natural as walking and talking.

So here’s to books and birthdays and big families and (I can’t believe I am about to type this) Hallmark cards for toddlers!

Greyson Moore 2

P.S. As I was finishing up this post late last week, my wife’s good friend sent us a photo of her little girl, Alleeah (a little more than a year old) who had been “reading to herself” in her crib that morning.  I love people who read before they can read!!!

Alleeah reading


3 thoughts on “Reading for One

  1. Aleeah is surrounded by books on both sides of her family. I love to record some of my older grandchildren readings for play back at a later date. A great resource for Bible stories for children is the Rhyme and Reason Series by Catherine Zoller. She has written several books of the Bible in rhyming couplets. It’s kind of like Dr Seuss reads the Bible.
    See the beautifully illustrated books at

    • Thank you Shirley! The girls have a bible titled The Rhyming Bible that we have enjoyed for many years. I can’t wait to find this by Catherine Zoller and get it for them. God bless you!

  2. Catherine’s website shows the quality of the book, and illustrations. I’ve taken her books to the associate pastor at 1st Bapt Piedmont for him to read and he highly approved. Catherine has an amazing God story. Go to You will be impressed. I’ve interviewed Catherine for my radio show and I’ve had her as a speaker at one of my events. She is passionate about how God showed His grace to her.

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