Back to the Future III

This evening I asked our daughters to put into words their thoughts about entering the 4th, 9th and college sophomore years this August. I hope it will someday serve as a bit of a time capsule for their own families to peer back into their lives and see who these wonderful ladies were becoming.  Click here to read our 4th grader’s response.  Click here to read our 9th grader’s response.

Here is what our college sophomore wrote…

“Dad – for the blog. I love you! – Em 

In about a month I will be packing, yet again, to journey back to college. Although it’s not too far away from home, it feels like it takes my heart a million miles away. Getting so close to August 25th is causing me to remember last year around this time when I was so anxious to start college. I remember packing my clothes last year and thinking, “This might be the saddest thing I have ever gone through. I’m leaving home.” 

This year, though I’m not so sad, I’m still very anxious. I’ll be a sophomore in college. I’m starting out the semester taking Calculus, Computer Programming, and 3 different Bible classes. I changed my major recently and am now in a whole other field that is completely different than anything I’ve ever known. 

Writing it all sounds scary, but at the same time it is extremely exciting. I am so blessed to be at the school I’m at, to have the professors that I have, to have the roommate that I have, to be able to take Bible classes, and a million other things. This is just my next step toward the rest of my life, and honestly, I could not be more thrilled. (Sent from my iPhone)”