Back to the Future II

This evening I asked our daughters to put into words their thoughts about entering the 4th, 9th and college sophomore years this August. I hope it will someday serve as a bit of a time capsule for their own families to peer back into their lives and see who these wonderful ladies were becoming.  Click here to read our 4th grader’s response.

Here is what our 9th grader wrote…

High school. I am going into high school. That is probably the strangest sentence I have ever said in my life! High school has always seemed like an imaginary land to me. Where giants roam, real life divas rule, and boys supposedly turn into princes (if you’re lucky). It has always been that one thing that I thought, “Oh, you don’t need to worry about that now, it’s a long time till you have to start that!” But now, it’s just one month away!

I have been very blessed though with the fact that first of all, I have not only an older sister who has gone through the same exact high school, but also wonderful and supportive parents who went through it with her. Every nervous thought I have had, my sister either experienced or had the same worry too so my parents know exactly how to help me!

Secondly, I was blessed with a few of the bestest friends on earth this past year. This factor really helps me go into this next year without fear because even though there may be 1,997 people I don’t know, there are still those three really marvelous people I do know.

And last but in no way least, I also know that there is a God that will be walking right beside me and a loving family backing me up every step of the way.

These thoughts alone are enough to get me through the next four years…