‘Friends Who Laugh Together’ – Thursday Stories with Baby Frederico

With the end of summer camp, Baby Frederico looked forward to going home to see his family, but he didn’t like the idea of having to leave the new friends he had made while he was away – especially his buddy Rob.
It was Rob who had befriended him that very first day, when Baby Frederico had been at his lowest and most homesick. In the days that followed, the friends played soccer, rowed canoes, told ghost stories, and became friends.
In the evenings, Rob would have the whole camp howling with laughter around the large bonfire that was built for s’mores and roasting hotdogs; this was just what Baby Frederico needed and it helped him enjoy camp more every day.
On the final day of camp, Rob handed his new friend a piece of paper.  It was a list of enough jokes to keep Baby Frederico laughing all the way.  Here is what it said:

To My Brother From Another Mother!  Here are a few jokes, off the top of my head, just to keep you laughing…

Q: Which Roman emperor had hay fever?
Q: How do you smuggle a stack of buttermilk pancakes out of IHOP?
A: SYRUP-titiously
Q: Why is the fall of the year the best time to drive your car?
A: Because then it’s an AUTUMN-mobile
Q: If you misplace a rutabaga, should you look for it?
A: Don’t bother, it will just TURNIP
Q: Did you hear about the horse groomer who was single?
A: He wanted a STABLE relationship
Q: Did you hear about the guy who purchased the wrong bedclothes?
A: He had to issue a BLANKET apology
Baby Frederico finished reading the list and said to himself, “I think this is the start of one great friendship.”  (And he was right.)