Back to the Future

This evening I asked our younger daughters to put into words their thoughts about entering the 4th and 9th grades this August. I hope it will someday serve as a bit of a time capsule for their own families to peer back into their lives and see who these wonderful ladies were becoming.

Here is what our 4th grader wrote:

Here’s How It Feels To Be Going Into Fourth Grade!!! I am very sad to go back to school, but I will be happy to see my friends and teachers. I’m also excited to meet my teacher and to see if my friends will be in my class. And it’s not like I’m moving schools or anything like that. And I know that I will make friends, and I know that almost all the 4th grade teachers are nice. I also have about 6 friends. I know that’s not a lot to some people, but that’s all the friends I need. You know what, there is actually a lot more things to look forward to, than to be worried about for this school year! And that’s how I feel about going into 4th grade!!!

Next week we’ll here from our 9th grader…