Inspiration Point


My wife and I just celebrated 22 married years together. We traveled a few hours to our destination and spent three peaceful days together, just the two of us, talking and dreaming and planning and wondering. Well, mostly it was me who did the wondering. I wondered, emphasis on ‘wonder,’ at how this all came to be. How she ever saw me across this incredibly vast world of people and decided to give me that very first moment of her time. How she decided to stay for the next moment, and the next moment…and the next.

I sat across from her a half dozen times over these past three days and still can’t believe out of all the people around us, she’s with me. Every day, every year, it gets sweeter and stronger and our story grows into one more chapter. I have faith in her and our lives are intertwined in so many ways that I can only vaguely¬†remember me without her.

When I think about all that has to occur in this great big world for just two people to actually meet and then agree to spend the rest of their lives together, I can hardly fathom it.

We begin to write¬†chapter 23 this week…