63-year old Mother Reads to 42-year old Son!

My mom read to me while we were in the car today! Yes, you read that right. My mom read to me.

I was taking her to a new Chinese food restaurant near the office where we work together and she had just purchased a new children’s book as a gift for a new baby.

As we made the short drive to the restaurant, my mom was so excited about this book that she said, “I have got to read this story to you!”

And so…my 63-year old mother, in a familiar cadence that took me right back into my childhood, read a book to her 42-year old son.

I can’t say that either one of us remember what the last book was that she read to me before the fleeting days of my childhood disappeared before our eyes, but we will always be able to recall the book that she read to me earlier today.

It all reminds me to look into the mirror tonight and remember: read to your kids….read to your kids…read to your kids.

You never know when you’ll get to read to them again. You just never know.

P.S. If you need another reason to read to your kids tonight, take a look at this fascinating article from Forbes that was posted just this week:

“Kids Don’t Read Books Because Parents Don’t Read Books”