The Little Things

When the girls were in the early grades of elementary school, my wife and I were always receiving crayon artwork and simple poems, cutouts of the sun and cottonball clouds, paper alphabets and glittering numerals.

As they have grown, the doors of our kitchen cabinets and refrigerator are becoming less and less populated by such sweet things.

Today, we know our children love us just as much as they did in the age of Crayola and Cookie Monster – it is just more in conversation, a telling hug, a good cry or a good laugh. The love is there, just not so much in paper and sequins anymore.

And I know it’s simple, but the photo here reveals the “little thing” that occurred just last week. A few weeks before, I had mentioned that I couldn’t get my iPhone car charger to work anymore. I kept telling myself that I needed to replace it but days quickly turned into weeks and I kept putting it off.

And then our oldest, returning from college, heard about my need and just went out and met it. She said nothing at all to me about it. She bought me a new charger and righted the world on my behalf, just like that!

And it has me thinking. We have gotten older and they have gotten older. The ways we care for each other and the gifts we give have changed.

But the little things…they remain.