Julia Writes! – ‘Baby Frederico’s Mystery Part 1’

One day, Baby Frederico was up in the attic with his parents. They were cleaning it out. Mama Mia thought it was too messy up there!

Baby Frederico found lots of AMAZING things!!! There were full buckets of Hot Wheels, a little play kitchen, and a drum set! But his most favorite thing was a big, half chalk board, half dry erase board. He spent almost all day drawing on that board. He didn’t even go to his friend’s house.

A few days later, he asked his Papa Frita what he should draw on the board.

“You should draw a bear,” he said.

“OK,” said Baby Frederico.

As his father left for work, he started to draw. About a half an hour later, he was finished. My masterpiece, he thought to himself.

An hour later, he came back. I bet you’ll never guess what he saw. His picture was gone!!! ┬áNo one else was home, so no one could have erased it. It’s not like my picture just got up and ran away…. or did it!