‘What’s In A Name?’ – Thursday Stories with Baby Frederico!

Baby Frederico and his Papa loved to play board games. After dinner, they would often choose a game from the loft in Papa’s room and sit in the living room to play. Papa would turn on some of his favorite music while Baby Frederico carefully chose a game board and placed its colorful pieces on their appropriate places.

After a short and funny game of Rush Hour, Papa surprised Baby Frederico with a game that he had first learned to play when he was small. It was called ‘Big Boggle’ and included a large clear box with little squares at its base that included white cubes covered with letters of the alphabet. Papa said it was a game to find as many words within those cubes before the time ran out (it reminded Baby Frederico of an old-fashioned version of Words with Friends!).

As they played, Baby Frederico had an idea of his own. He began to wonder how many words he could make from his own name:


How many can you find?