It Takes Two

In my work teaching at our local university, I have enjoyed a unique spectator-style view into the lives of people who are working on degrees to become teachers. Every semester I am given the amazing opportunity to introduce myself to more than fifty people who are planning to work in any number of grades and subjects somewhere among the classrooms of the 21st century.

There are many hundreds of very good students whom I have known over the past decade, and then there are a handful who are truly inspired and inspiring.

This semester I think I have finally realized what sets them apart. They have the mind AND they have the heart, in equal measure. There is no doubt that many have one or the other and all of them have the mind and heart for something….but this handful have it for teaching.

They leave neither heart nor mind behind and every idea and lesson plan and motivation is better for it. When I tell them that students and their families are just waiting for them out there in this wide world of ours, their countenances brighten even more.

Together, they make an aspiring teacher a force to be reckoned with…mind and heart. It takes two.