Julia Speaks – ‘I Wish Books Could Come True’


When we came home from church yesterday morning, Julia wanted to talk about books and her love for them.  Something about all of these words among all of these pages are settling deep within her and it seems that, out of the clear blue, she suddenly has something to say about it all.  She asked, “How about I write your blog for tomorrow, dad?”  Music to my ears!  Here’s her story:

Today, I was telling my dad that sometimes I just wish books would just come true. I wish the people in the book were my friends, the places they went in the book, I could go visit! And if I could go to the places they went in the book, I wish the things that happened in the place would happen to me! It would be AMAZING!!! I wish all of the mystery books I read would come true.

Now just think about it, what book or books do you wish would come true?