Baby Frederico Thursday Reviews! – ‘I Am Abraham Lincoln’


*Every Thursday we introduce you to another quick bedtime story (or book review) from our family’s favorite resident reptile – Baby Frederico. His backstory can be found here.  Enjoy!

Baby Frederico loves his Momma Mia and Papá Frita, his buddy Grenelda the Grasshopper, blue crayons, popcorn and…books about Abraham Lincoln.  Here is something new:

April 10, 2014

Hi everyone,

Here is a brand new book, hot off the press, and by one of the coolest new children’s authors on the shelf – Brad Meltzer (he even signed his book for us).  My Papa Frita likes to watch his television show ‘Decoded’ on The History Channel; I like to read the great new series, Ordinary People Change the World, that he is now writing for reptilian (and human) readers like us!

So today, let’s make a list of all the great things I love about I Am Abraham Lincoln (2014, Penguin) with illustrations by the amazing (and former letterer for Marvel Comics!) Christopher Eliopoulos.  This is a book of history and helpers and heroes and friendship and politics and growing up…in just 38 short pages.

1.  There is nothing like a good book of words AND drawings, all in the same place. This book does that on EVERY page.

2.  There’s a turtle in this book, and you know how much I love small green animals.

3.  The book is written from the point of view of Abraham Lincoln as a little boy.

4.  Abe even gives us some ideas about how to deal with bullies.

5.  Abe tells us about how many times he failed before he was elected president of the United States.  My grandma always says, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”  Abe must have had a grandma like mine!

6.  There is even a page of photographs from Abe’s real life.

7.  The most important part of the book is that it explains how one person can make a difference – one child, one adult.  I could even be a hero to someone!

I am learning that ordinary people can and do change the world.  Abe is a lot more like you than you might think.  If you’ll read this book, there is no telling what it will make you stand up for now….and when you grow up!

Reading is it,

Baby Frederico