Father Knows Five 1-10-14

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We explored perspective this week, so here are five ideas about the topic:

1.  This is just plain funny…toon-1316

2.  A great article for parents about how we might take into account the ways in which children see everyday life from their own developmental perspective:  http://www.pbs.org/parenttales/childview.htm

3.   Perspective by Ellen Galinsky – this author quickly became one of my favorite voices during my years in grad school.  If you haven’t read her work, The Six Stages of Parenthood, it is a fascinating book.

4.  A child’s perspective:  Is It Better to Be Single or Married?

  • “You should ask the people who read Cosmopolitan” -Kirsten, AGE 10
  • “It’s better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need somebody to clean up after them” -Anita, AGE 9
  • “It gives me a headache to think about that stuff. I’m just a kid. I don’t need that kind of trouble.” -Will, AGE 7