Dad, Dream Big

Dream Big

I received some wonderful Christmas gifts from my daughters this year.  We hang out together enough that buying gifts for each other is actually too easy.  There are so many things that we know each of us like that to stop at just two or three is really tough.

Among the most interesting things I have ever received though occurred this year.  It was tucked away inside a present – a pint size plastic toy Yoda in which a hinge under his foot opened to reveal a secret compartment in his back.  It was inside this tiny space, tucked and folded neatly into little squares that I found a note from my youngest daughter, age 9.  It was a simple yellow post-it note on which she wrote:  “I love you dad…Dream Big, Julia.”

What struck me, and the rest of our family, as so funny and so interesting was her closing message – ‘Dream Big.’  When I asked her about it, she told us that it was her “new signature, like an autograph, dad.”

What a sweet challenge – ‘Dream Big.’  Here we are at the start of another new year, 2014, as a family.  We are well-aware that this particular year will bring many new things and new directions for us.  We are also well-aware that the task of dreaming big is wonderfully exciting and terribly difficult, all at the same time.  My wife and I sat discussing this very thing just a night ago and we agreed that no matter the changes that are sure to come in 2014, we are glad to have this little family of ours.  These are the people who have our backs, who love us no matter what, and who forgive us and cherish us and laugh and cry with us…and inspire us.

Yes, we will dream big…but it is so much better to know that we will dream big together.  Happy 2014 from us to you!