Historical Marker Ahead!

 Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering. – Theodore Roosevelt


Wiley Post

One of the great experiences of my life has been writing for a history publishing company out of Texas. Every couple of years I receive an assignment to travel to a small town or county somewhere in the U.S. and write a book about their history, as well as take photographs and do some interviews with a few of the area’s long-time residents.
The best part about this work is that I get to take my family along for the experience. Everyone gets involved as we scour dusty libraries and find historic old cemeteries. We visit famous landmarks and highlight all kinds of routes on half a dozen maps.
But the one thing that our youngest daughter has always enjoyed is locating historical markers. I know it sounds crazy, but something about finding these signs along the road really grabbed her attention when she was young and first started going with us on these trips. She was maybe 4 or 5 and would holler from her carseat, “Historical marker, historical marker” whenever she noticed one of those signs.
Today, the kids have a love for history that runs deep. They admire the wisdom that is inherent in the places and people that have inhabited the “long-ago” and are intrigued by the ways in which they are writing the history of their own lives.
And one day, the history that once intrigued them will be a history of their own.