The Wisdom of Miss Frizzle

“Where the road ends, an adventure begins.” – Miss Frizzle, The Magic School Bus 


  Several years ago, we found ourselves completely lost. It was my wife and I and our three daughters in our Chevy Uplander.  The new-to-us GPS had somehow discovered a proverbial road-less-traveled and we were now on it. It was midnight in the far northeast corner of Kansas, just ten minutes from our destination. We were tired. I was not happy. And then we began to sink…a long, slow rain throughout the preceding day coupled with the darkness of the night and that blasted evening-sky mode of the animated GPS screen all worked together to disguise the mud-soaked portion of a path that we were nearly mired in.

Last week, our 8-year old came home from school and excitedly told me about the latest Magic School Bus book they had read in class that day.  It was a good book that she enjoyed from start to finish, but what she was most interested in was one quote by the famous, veteran science teacher of this venerable series, Miss Frizzle.  Our daughter was so “surprised by this quote I had to write it down dad.  She said, ‘Where the road ends, an adventure begins.’  Can you believe that, dad?  Right when I heard it, I took out a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it.  Isn’t that the greatest sentence ever…Where the road ends, an adventure begins.”

What could it be about that sentence that so enthralled our third grader?  What could it be about that sentence that so enthralled her 40-something year old father?

It took me back all those years ago to that muddy swamp of a road that we found ourselves on during a “dark and stormy night,” a night that ultimately ended with no harm at all.  I took the road slow and easy and followed squarely in the ruts, just like my farmer grandfather taught me, and a few miles later we were back on the most wonderfully paved highway I had ever seen.  In no time, the whole event had become a great family story.

“Where the road ends, an adventure begins.”

May it ever be so – in a book, on a road, at work or play, among a family.  May it ever be so.