‘The Butterfly’ – Look at THIS book!

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Today’s great book:  The Butterfly by Patricia Polacco (2000, Philomel)

Time to Read: a moving story of history and childhood captured in a children’s book for bedtime or anytime reading

Summary:  Publishers Weekly wrote, for ages 4-8, “Polacco continues to mine her family history, this time telling the story of an aunt’s childhood in wartime France. Young Monique doesn’t comprehend the brutality of the Nazis’ mission until the day three German soldiers find her admiring a butterfly…then grabs the butterfly and crushes it in his fist. The butterfly, or papillon as it is frequently called here, becomes for Monique a symbol of the Nazis’ victims. Her sympathies are quickly focused: one night Monique wakes up to discover a girl in her bedroom and learns that she and her parents, Jews, have been hiding for months in Monique’s house, protected by Monique’s mother. The girl, Sevrine, has been forbidden to leave the hiding place, so she and Monique meet secretly. Then a neighbor sees the two girls at the window one night, and Sevrine’s family must flee…”

Best Quote:  “They both watched as butterflies started to land on the dry stalks of faded flowers.  First there were three, then ten, then twenty and thirty.  Neighbors came out fo their cottages and peered over the wall in wonder.”

Our View:  I was stunned by this children’s book.  It is one of those books that you want everyone to know about and read.  I urge you to find it and read it with your family.  We read the first pages knowing very little about where the plot would take us, so each page was a treasure and a surprise and painful and wonderful and mysterious and ultimately uplifting.  The author’s note about the actual history behind the story is worth its weight in gold.  This is an important work that has become an instant classic at our house.  The book we are most familiar with from this author is Pink and Say (1994, Philomel).  We’ll review that one here soon!

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