Friends with Books


Each and every time the memorials of 9-11 come, I am reminded of so many things Рbut especially of how thankful we are to have friends.  Friends so often take the edge off of all the trials and troubles and anxieties and adversities that the world brings into our lives and it is unusual to hear that someone made it through a difficult time without at least a friend or two who has helped them recover.

My wife and I have many wonderful friends, and two in particular who are just starting out on their marriage journey. We get together just a few times a year, and it is always to help each other along on this often great, sometimes boring, sometimes frustrating, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes like a dream, sometimes like a bad dream, and all the time a roller coaster of adventure that we call happily ever after.

This couple loves great food (she is a gourmet cook) and great old records (he is a true collector) and great books and are great friends. And when they are on vacation, we sometimes get a text and photo of them visiting an interesting place – and this past Labor Day weekend they visited Cadillac, Michigan. What a great town name, right?

The photo they sent (below) is of a historic-looking bookstore originally built in 1930 as a car dealership. It became a bookstore in 1981 and is among the largest bookstores in northern Michigan. I don’t know that they would have otherwise visited it (this was after all a romantic weekend getaway for them), but they knew how much I love places like this so they stopped in and even interviewed the owner, Sherry, about her treasured store’s history and her love of books, and bought me a nice old book from the store!booknook1

There are just a few things I love more than books, and our friends and family and Faith are among them. So when I can mix those three loves with books….well, who could ask for more?