Father Knows Five 9-6-13

*Every Friday we serve you an “a la carte” style list of 5 unique videos, articles, ideas, etc. from all kinds of locations. (If you are viewing this blog through your email subscription, please follow the link to our website to view all videos.) See you next week…

1. Books for ‘Lights Out’ Bedtimes – “The book titled ‘Hide & Eek!’ contains hidden illustrations that can only be seen when a light is shone directly on them. The creators were inspired by children’s common night-time habit of reading under the covers, and Victorian illusions that play with the translucency of paper.”

Hide and Eek

2. 16 Libraries You Have To See Before You Die – these amazing libraries are full of beautiful interiors — and books — to check out.

Cool Library Ladders

3. Maurice Sendak Posters – to celebrate books and reading! Here is my favorite: mauricesendakposters2

4. My daughters loved this book, and here’s the movie preview!

5. Cool Book Places – “As mobile phones continue to make public phone boxes increasingly irrelevant, residents across U.K. began noticing that many of their traditional red phone booths were being removed. Not wanting to lose their iconic booths completely, residents in several British towns came up with an idea to give their phone boxes a new and worthy purpose – A Book Exchange!”

Book Phone Booth