Father Knows Five 8-23-13

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1. What a great point!

book sign

2. Marriage Proposal through a Children’s Book – this is so creative; what a proposal! “User ppual9 to his girlfriend using a children’s book he wrote about their relationship, which he later had illustrated, printed and put on the shelf of their local library. In the story, he is represented by a gorilla (‘I’m clumsy and big like a gorilla, always using brute force to solve problems.’) and his girlfriend by a giraffe, one of her favorite animals. ‘I had her stumble across it at the library and read it to me,’ ppaul9 wrote Monday. ‘When she got to the right page, I got on my knee and asked if she would marry me.’ ”

3. New Children’s Book: The Penguin Cha-Cha by Kristi Valiant. Here’s the cool promo for your kids to watch –

4. Ice Cream flavors inspired by Books! – this list is perfect for an end-of-summer treat.

Ice Cream Books

5. 150 year old Overdue Library Book – this reminds me of one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes about an overdue library book! The book was published in 1828 and the library is nearly 200 years old.