Father Knows Five 8-16-13

*Every Friday we serve you an “a la carte” style list of 5 unique videos, articles, ideas, etc. from all kinds of locations. (If you are viewing this blog through your email subscription, please follow the link to our website to view all videos.) See you next week…

1. We are more than excited about this movie preview about P.L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, and her book-to-movie “partnership” with Walt Disney. Here’s the preview:

2. Pencil vs. Camera Images – “born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and now living in Belgium, Ben Heine is an amazing artist who overlaps hand-drawn works of art with photos to create stunning images.”

Donkey Drawing

3. Nothing to click on here, just something to see from chrisbeetles.com…the drawing below reminds me of our kids. Our oldest moves to college tomorrow night. What a moment!

girl on book stack

4. Xander’s Panda Party – by Linda Sue Park, 2013; a great new book introduced by this clever 50 second video for your kids!

5. What’s really killing students love of reading – this is worth your time to read! The author of this article/blog writes, “Think about the best reading experience you ever had in school. Then think about what you did with the book in class once you had read it. Did it look anything like that quiz question? I’m guessing not. In fact, I would wager that no matter how much you actually liked the book, if the payoff for your efforts was something like an AR quiz, it marred the experience.”