Fathers Knows Five – 7.19.13

*Every Friday we serve you an “a la carte” style list of 5 unique videos, articles, ideas, etc. from all kinds of locations. (If you are viewing this blog through your email subscription, please follow the link to our website to view all videos.)  See you next week…

1. Luis Soriano has a novel way of getting books to children in rural Colombia – a mobile library on the back of a donkey! Watch the power of bringing books and children together. I am amazed…

2. The Quiz! – Fans of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory unite and let the competition begin.

3. Generations of Readers – an interesting story about how Scholastic has connected with readers since 1920.

4. The Story Coaster – this is a wonderful illustration of the details that go into writing a story. Great for your budding authors. It is by illustrator and cartoonist Grant Snider.Illustrating the Construction of a Story

5. Marc Simont – the award-winning children’s book illustrator and author (1915-2013) has passed away. He created illustrations for more than one hundred books with several of our daughters’ favorite authors including Margaret Wise Brown and Charlotte Zolotow. Our favorites include A Tree is Nice (1956) and The Happy Day (1949). He said of his work, “I go by the fact that I used to be a child myself, and there’s something always left, and if I like what I’m doing, the kids will like it, too.”

Marc Simont Books