Father Knows Five

Every Friday we serve you an “a la carte” style list of 5 unique videos, articles, ideas, etc. from all kinds of locations. See you next week…

1. A Patch of Black by Rachel Rooney and Deborah Allwright (Macmillian Children’s Books, 2012) – What a great video version of this book to share with your young ones! My 2-year old niece watched it with me and thought it had all been written for and about her. I was really afraid of the dark as a boy so a book like this just makes sense of it all…

2. The Amazing Skills of Brass Vevo – how great would it be to see this group read a book to kids!

3. “Biografias,” by Alicia Martin at Casa de America, Madrid. “5,000 Books Pour Out of a Building in Spain”. Details and more at http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/alicia-martin-biografias

book spill

4. A Classic Literally Rises From the Deep – the scene in the TV adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in which Colin Firth as Mr Darcy emerges from a lake has been reconstructed in the Serpentine in central London’s Hyde Park.

5. Any website with the words “Barbaric Archipelago” and “Learn to Write Dragonese” is worth a visit. It’s from the author of the series, How to Train Your Dragon. My nephews are all over it! Here’s the link: