Swimming with books

Does anyone make waterproof books? Our great English major friend says kindle now has a waterproof cover, but we agreed that we’re both afraid to use it! So I am sitting here at my in-laws pool watching my kids and their cousins swim. One brought a book and is trying to figure out how to read it…in the pool. It’s true. People who love to read, love to read everywhere.
That is why it’s a good idea to always have a book along. When the girls were 2 or 3 we started keeping a backpack of books next to them in the car. Whether it was across town to visit the grocery store, waiting for a doctors appointment, in line at the drive-thru bank, or traveling out of town, that bag of 10 or 15 books saved the sanity of those of us in the front seat. We kept it fully stocked with a good variety of that month’s favorite books, and it rarely failed to keep the girls content. I can still see them strapped down in that massive 1995 carseat (so big it nearly swallowed our kids whole) with a harness seatbelt mechanism that practically took an engineering degree to secure it in our Camry. But bringing that backpack along was never a struggle.
Gone are their days in carseats, but the books in crazy places remain…even on a raft at the pool.